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Traci Powers Franchisee — OUAC Newport News

"Our customers are over-the-moon excited about getting texts when we are finished. It has completely solved the issue of customers coming back and having to wait, and it has greatly decreased the amount of hovering customers! Such great technology!!!!"
Kate Paynter Franchisee — OUAC Cincinnati

"We own 16 Winmark stores and Resale AI has changed our life! A few reasons why we love Resale AI: 1- We can more consistently manage our stores. The DMs and I can login and check to see that the opening & closing procedures are being completed."
Jackson Miller Franchisee & Founder @ ResaleAI

"We are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and make our stores a more fun place to work and shop. ResaleAI allows us to learn from other great owners and make the whole system better."